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6 Ways to Get Rid of Phone Scratches

Immediately make a reservation that all methods will not return your phone the former glitter, but they will significantly improve the situation with scratches. In general, try these 6 ways to get rid of phone scratches which are given in order of efficiency below


This simple tool can be found in the bathroom of each of us. Please note that the toothpaste should be the simplest, without any additions of the gel.
Carry out the following manipulations: place a small amount of toothpaste over a small piece of cotton wool, then rub the toothpaste on the place where you made a scratch. After these actions, remove the remains of paste from the smartphone panel with a wet cloth.

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Automotive scratch remover

Use this tool is not only for the purpose, but also to remove scratches on your new generation mobile phone.
The car tool will help to reduce scratches so that they become almost invisible.

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If you have the opportunity to find the smallest sandpaper, then consider that you are cool lucky. With its help, you can return your smartphone to your former presentable appearance (the case), but be careful, this method rips off the paint.

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Baking soda

Baking soda, which is found in almost every kitchen, is an excellent tool for cleaning the smartphone’s panel.
Perform the following manipulations: add a teaspoon of water to the container, where two spoons of baking soda are poured, stir the resulting mixture. Apply the received paste from the soda and water to the phone’s panel, after that, wipe the phone with a damp cloth.

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Powder for children

Mix the baby powder with water and apply this mixture to the phone. Do the same things as with baking soda.

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Sunflower oil

The method is the least effective but harmless. With the help of vegetable oil, you are able to return your lost smartphone back to your smartphone. But remember that this remedy is short-lived in its action.

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The result

That’s it, take care of your devices and use protective covers and transparencies.

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