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Of the three iPhones launched in 2018, the iPhone XR is the most impressive of the lot. Not because of the strength of the spec – the iPhone XS is slightly ahead in a lot of areas – but what you’re ‘saving’ by going for this model far outweighs what you’re losing. A multitude of colors, very good battery life and a lower price? If you want a new iPhone, check this one out first.

Last updated on September 11, 2019 2:51 am


Apple has managed a marketing masterstroke with the iPhone XR: not only has it delayed the launch of the third of its trio of 2018 iPhones, thus creating some mystery around it, it’s also managed to make this seem like 2018’s ‘cheap’ iPhone. The glass on the front of the iPhone XR is meant to be among the strongest in the industry, and it’s the same material as on the iPhone XS – although we should warn you that we managed to either scratch or put a hairline fracture (we’re not sure which, as it’s so slight) on our iPhone XS within weeks.

Price History for Apple iPhone XR with Face Time - 64GB, 4G LTE, Coral


Current Price 3,198.94 AED September 11, 2019
Highest Price 3,198.94 AED April 23, 2019
Lowest Price 3,198.94 AED April 23, 2019
Since April 23, 2019

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3,198.94 AED April 23, 2019

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Set Alert for Product: IPhone XR (3GB RAM, 64GB ROM) IOS 12 (12MP+7MP) - Red - (nano-SIM) - ₦240,000.00

What’s new on iPhone XR?

Compared to the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR is downgraded in a number of ways to hit that lower price point. That said, there are a number of key features that are the same: iOS 12 is the operating system that runs things, and it’s backed up by the wildly-powerful A12 Bionic chipset inside.

The notch contains all the same front-facing cameras and sensors as the iPhone XS, and the dual speakers still face the same way when pumping out sound.

To the untrained eye, or someone not holding the iPhone XR and XS side by side, it might even be hard to instantly tell the two apart – but there are a number of key differences that we need to dig into.

iPhone XR Improved battery

Apple believes you’ll be able to get 90 minutes more battery life out of the iPhone XR than the 8 Plus, which is a big jump in real terms.

Perhaps that’s giving Apple a little too much credit – after all, there are plenty of Android phones out there that can utterly smoke the iPhone range for power longevity, giving you far longer between charges.

Apple has offered terrible battery life for years, incrementally improving it to be ‘just good enough’, and the iPhone XR is the first iPhone we haven’t had a real worry about day to day – and that alone could elevate it to the heights of being the greatest iPhone ever created.

If you’re looking for confirmation that you’re not going to lose out massively by going for the cheaper iPhone, we can confirm that you’ll be fine. Yes, you won’t be able to stretch the handset to the absolute limits of iPhone performance, but for most that won’t be an issue.

If you want the very best camera though, and you really crave the ‘wow’ factor that comes with an awesome portrait mode snap, then this might not be enough phone for you.

Equally, if luxury, and the very best-looking iPhone, are what you need, again you should probably upgrade to the XS range.




iPhone XR: Why the cheapest 2018 iPhone might be the one ...

The iPhone XR isn't a handset using "last year's technology" -- the bulk of the key chip and camera specs appear to be identical to the step-up iPhone XS models.

Price History

Price history for IPhone XR (3GB RAM, 64GB ROM) IOS 12 (12MP+7MP) - Red - (nano-SIM)
Latest updates:
  • ₦240,000.00 - September 11, 2019
  • ₦243,000.00 - August 2, 2019
  • ₦258,999.00 - April 21, 2019
Since: April 21, 2019
  • Highest Price: ₦258,999.00 - April 21, 2019
  • Lowest Price: ₦240,000.00 - September 11, 2019

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