Maxtron 1500VA UPS

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27,000.00 22,950.00

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Key Features

● Microprocessor-based digital control

● Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

● Auto sensing frequency

● Wide input voltage range (in-built AVR)

● Power-on self test

● Cold start

● Auto restart when mains power is restored

● Auto track mains phase to ensure that inverter output voltage has same phase with utility voltage, reducing transfer time and peak surge

● Intelligent battery management: battery temperature compensation to extend the battery life; three-stage charging to shorten recharge time

● Short circuit, battery overcharge / overdischarge, overload, surge protections

● Automatic charging in OFF mode

● Optional no-load shutdown

● Optional RS232 / USB communication port and RJ11 / RJ45 protection

● LED display or LCD display selectable

● Unattended safety shutdown: system alarm and auto Power-On / Off by RS232 or USB interface communicating with PC


Maxtron 1500VA Line interactive UPS provides emergency power that keeps appliances connected to it running, at least, for a short time when the input power source or mains power fail.  This UPS is typically used to protect and power certain equipment such as Personal Computers, Televisions, Decoders, POS etc.  It provides comprehensive protection to valuable equipment from power surges and spikes and also provides pure voltage with boost and buck AVR.

It is simple and easy to install and low cost.

Maxtron 1500VA UPS
Maxtron 1500VA UPS

27,000.00 22,950.00

27,000.00 22,950.00

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