Newage 15600mAh Power Bank + Black + Free USB LED Lamp

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Key Features
  • Perfectly charge tablets mobile, MP3s, MP4s etc
  • High capacity up to 15600mAh
  • Stunning Sync charge
  • Dual-output, charge two mobiles devices simultaneously
  • Fast Charge, self charge
  • Power conversion rate up to 85%
  • Rugged and made with shatter-proof materials
  • Orange LED/Blue LED charge status indicator
  • Over-charge/Over voltage protection
  • Charge Mobile devices while you recharge power bank
  • Compact, Portable and easy to use
  • Available and ships within 48Hours from Lagos
  • 3 Month Warranty

Power banks or external battery storage has become popular following the
need to have continuously power for mobile devices for upwardly mobile
individual who want to remain always connected. Mobile power banks
provides you instant charge power whenever you need it provided your
power bank is fully charged.

choosing power banks, consider the size of the battery of your mobile
device. For instance, if your mobile device battery is rated at 2000mAh,
you should be able to get the following number of recharges out of your
power bank ( Refer to table above). But this will also depend on the
efficiency and make of the power bank in question. As a rule of thumb,
the larger your power bank, the better and the more recharges you can
get. But also remember that the larger, the heavier. So you have to make
a compromise to suit you.

power banks are very efficient and can give back up to 85% of its
stored charge when in operation. Choose wisely, buy from us.

Newage 15600mAh Power Bank + Black + Free USB LED Lamp
Newage 15600mAh Power Bank + Black + Free USB LED Lamp

10,000.00 8,400.00

10,000.00 8,400.00

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