Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount Professional Video Camera

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Key Features

  • ·       1/4″ Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • ·        
    26.8mm Equivalent
    Wide-Angle Lens
  • ·        
    Records SD in DV AVI
  • ·        
    OLED Viewfinder with
    1.44 Million Dots
  • ·        
    Flip-Up 3″ LCD
    with 921k Dot Resolution
  • ·        
    Wi-Fi Connectivity
    with NFC
  • ·        
    Internal 32GB Flash
  • ·        
    Sony Multi-Interface
    Hot Shoe
  • ·        
    BNC Connector on
    Composite Output
  • ·        
    SDXC/Memory Stick Card
  •           Wide angle 26.8mm professional quality Sony G Lens technology provides exceptional image fidelity, 12x zoom:        2.9mm   to 34.8mm provides wide angle of view
  •       1/4″ back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor offers exceptional low-light sensitivity, Quick AF system improves precise auto focus even in low light situations
  •       Built-in 32GB solid state flash drive can store up to three hours of HD video recorded in PS mode

The HXRMC2500 provides a professional look and shooting style which is ideal for weddings, corporate communications or education facilities. While light and easily portable, its full Shoulder Mount design means your clients immediately know you mean business.

The HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount video camera from Sony is designed for shooters looking for the inherent stability and
professional feel a shoulder-mount form factor provides. It features a
1/4″ Exmor R CMOS chip that can work with as little as 0.8 lux
illumination when in SD mode, and low light performance is further augmented by
a built-in LED light shinning 800 lumens at 1.6; distance. The camera records
Full HD in the widely supported AVCHD format and can record SD in the DV codec
with an AVI wrapper. Using DV rather than DVD-style MPEG-2 compression for SD
means a higher quality thanks to lower compression and compatibility with more
editing software. The camera is Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to control it from
an app as well as monitor a low-latency live feed on a smartphone or tablet.

Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount Professional Video Camera
Sony HXR-MC2500 Shoulder Mount Professional Video Camera

490,000.00 409,000.00

490,000.00 409,000.00

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